Red Mite Control

St David’s Poultry Team has experience dealing with red mite control in many poultry systems. Successful control is dependent on understanding the life cycle of the red mite, alongside considering the design of the layer house, time of year and age of flock. We can provide advice and options on controlling red mites to suit your specific site and needs. If you want to discuss red mite control, phone 01392 872932, email

Sometimes a chemical approach is required to reduce high red mite populations quickly; other situations lend themselves to a preventative approach. If you are an organic producer and limited with what you can use, then we can provide a natural biological treatment using predator mites. This is a new concept in the UK for commercial laying hens, however predator mites have been successfully used Europe. During summer 2016, trials were carried out in the UK with great success.

Bespoke approach

Red mite control can be confusing, challenging and expensive. We realise this from the regular calls we get asking for advice. The products we recommend are tried and tested and will be suited to your site’s specific issues.

We work with many suppliers to offer our customers the best available solutions. From large commercial sites down to pet chickens, each needs a methodical approach, to reduce the damage red mites do to the laying flock.

Resistance checks, spraying apparatus advice and mite monitoring are all part of this service. We can prepare a programme for you with advice on how and when to use products alongside your bird management.