Free Range Systems

Free range layer production lends itself well to biological fly control. We have been providing biological fly control for a number of years into this system therefore can offer site specific advice.

The diagram below shows application sites

As a guide, for every 3000 layers you will need a minimum of 1 pack of wasps per application; if you have 12000 layers you will need a minimum 4 packs per application. These are applied by you once a month and are sent fresh on a monthly basis from us, for the agreed period you intend to use them. If you have a known high risk of a fly population developing it would be wise to initially apply the wasps every two weeks to get the colony working more quickly. This would be discussed on a case by case basis, as would the number of tubes you need to get the best results.

On arrival you apply the parasitic wasps into the pit. The environment the pit provides triggers the new wasps to hatch and they will distribute themselves as they seek to mate and lay their own eggs. You don’t need to do anything else until the following month, when your next pack will automatically arrive.

We do advise as a matter of course monitoring and recording adult fly numbers and maggot activity in the pit. This will assist you greatly in understanding the fly population if any on your site.