Adult Fly Control

If you use knockdown chemicals, you can continue to use them as long as the area they are being used are away from the pit and the manure. Do not use them in the pit or through the slats as you will kill your valuable wasp population.

You can continue to use ultra violet fly zappers in the egg room, bait boards and bait stations as long as they are not positioned under the slats. Careful, localised use of larvacides can continue but advice on this needs to be given by our team.

We recommended using Red Top fly traps for safe and natural trapping of flies. We can supply these with your wasp order, just mention to our team.

Picture of a Red Top Fly Trap

Paint on fly attractants are effective and when hung in the house will not affect the wasps at manure level.

All attempts must be made to reduce the ingress of flies from the outside, other farm animals or buildings with old manure will create odour attracting flies and encouraging them to set up breeding grounds. The fly life cycle is slightly shorter than the wasp and as with any biological control there has to be some food for the wasps to survive, but not too much.

If manure is well managed and adult flies are also controlled with pheromone traps and paint on chemicals then populations can be kept in check. It’s all about manure management.

Each farm is advised on an individual basis according to the nature of the fly problem.