Predator Mites

The predator mites used to control chicken red mite in commercial laying hens are two species; Androlis and Taurrus. These are reproduced in an insectary and ordered in fresh as you need them. Each has a preferred environment, so when released they are put into specific areas of the poultry unit.

Predator mites are transported in plastic buckets containing a single species, either Androlis or Taurrus. When they are ordered both species are delivered as a package with clear instructions of how and when to release.

Androlis prefer a humid environment such as the muck pit and Tuarrus thrive in a drier environment such as the nest boxes. Both of these mites predate the chicken red mite dermanyssus gallinae, as they are their natural enemies.

Androlis and Taurrus Predators Instruction Sheet (pdf)

Predator mites are applied according to your system and we can advise on that directly with you should you be interested I finding out more. We have been using predator mites successfully in the pet chicken market for several years.

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